Rural Crime Watch provides resources and works with local RCMP, Fish and Wildlife officers, and other enforcement agencies to identify suspicious activity or unlawful activities, and to report these occurrences to the appropriate officers for enforcement.
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Poaching is a growing problem in Alberta, but it is one that you can help prevent. Report A Poacher relies on Alberta's hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts to report suspected illegal activities.

Scams, Frauds, and the Law
Rural Crime Watch posts articles that will help seniors and families be aware of scams and fraud activities, so they can stay safe. Please check these files to stay educated on criminal activity in Mountain View County and the surrounding communities.

Updated November 5, 2019

Scams and Frauds
Scam - Payment confirmation
Vacation Rental Scam
DO NOT give out credit card information!
Embarrassing Video Scam
RCMP Warning Residents of CRA Tax Scam
CRA Scam
The Distress Scam Tale
Alberta handyman gets jail time for fraud
411 Fraud Invoice
Credit Card Scam from MVCU, Olds Branch
Alberta RCMP warns against binary option scams
iTunes Gift Card Scams
Moneris Solutions Fraud Prevention Program
Wood Buffalo RCMP: Online Fraud Involving Pet Sales
Visa & Mastercard telephone Credit Card Scam
Red Deer RCMP warn of door to door salespeople
Aggressive phone calls targeting Olds businesses
Top five Halloween scams
Beware of Rental Scam
Recognizing Investment Fraud
Recognizing and avoiding scams in 2016
Police Warn Of Traffic Violation Scam
How safe is your online information?
Mass-Marketing Frauds in Canada
Province-wide cheque fraud
Attempted Frauds, Canada Revenue
Credit Card Scam Resurfaces
Strategies For Business Owners
Scams and Frauds
How to Spot a Scam
Caution: Cybercrime at Christmas
Informational Alert: Rental Scams
Sweepstakes Scams
More Tax Scams
Canada Revenue Agency Fraud Protection
Bank Text Message Scam
Beware of Telephone Scams
Another Online ad scam
Reporting Scams and Frauds in Alberta
Protecting seniors from financial abuse
Alberta Seniors: Financial Concerns Checklist
Is this a Scam or just clever marketing?
This Credit Card Scam is Real
Worse Scams Today - Don't Get Sucked In
What is Phishing?
Home Improvement Scams

The Law
Boating regulations
Speeding can result in jail time
Poaching isn't rampant but ...
Your Emergency Road Kit
Cyber Security Awareness Month
Purchase Liquor Host Liability Insurance
Tips for Driving on Snow & Ice
Care for Yourself Winter Driving

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