Rural Crime Watch provides resources and works with local RCMP, Fish and Wildlife officers, and other enforcement agencies to identify suspicious activity or unlawful activities, and to report these occurrences to the appropriate officers for enforcement.
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Poaching is a growing problem in Alberta, but it is one that you can help prevent. Report A Poacher relies on Alberta's hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts to report suspected illegal activities.

Crime Prevention Tips
Some neighbourhoods experience less crime than others, but no neighbourhood is crime free. Even quiet, historically safe communities are apt to face a crime threat at some point. Whether your neighbourhood is experiencing criminal activity or you want it to remain safe, here are some simple ways to keep ahead of the criminals.

Theft Tips
Give your Wallet a Tune-Up
Cyclists - Protect Your Ride
During the Holiday Season
Are Thieves Stupid?
Trace Pen Theft Deterrent
Check your Mailboxes
Airdrie Vehicle Theft Stats
Break In/Armed Robbery
Reflective Tape
Identity Theft
Take Your Keys to Bed
Hole Under Door Locks
Card reader Protection
Lost Wallet/Purse
Prevent Threats to Property
What a Burglar Can Tell

Online Shopping Security
Spotting Gift Card Scams
Online Market Places
Alarming Things Hackers Do
AMA Tips re Sharing Online
Dangers of the Internet
Wise Smartphone Use
Internet Tips for Families
Handling Telemarketers 1
Handling Telemarketers 2
Accessing Thru Webcams
Telus Wise® Tip Sheet
Online Scams
Good Deals Online, but ...
Computer Hackers

Getting On/Off School Bus
School Zone Safety
Back to school safety
National Password Day

Impaired is Impaired
Walk smart, drive smart
Mobility Scooters
Mandatory Helmets
How Safe is Your Vehicle
Texting While Driving
Take a breath. Slow down
Reporting Vehicle Collisions
Motorcycle Safety Tips

Prevent Firearms Accidents
Tips for the Holidays
Protect your Sanctuary
Are They Really Lost?
Make Home Look Lived In
Protect your nest egg
Crime Prevention Tips
Know your neighbours
Thieves Have Tricks
Drano Bomb Alert!
Preventing Home Burglary

Safety Reminders
Recreational Drone Usage
Losing Your Wallet
Your Calls Make a Difference
Strategies For Business
Attorney Advice: N/Chrg
A Safer Workplace

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